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Post for Panel – 12″ Tall

$82.00 +Free Shipping!

  • Fits fabric privacy screens and acrylic panels
  • 12″ tall
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This carefully designed 12” post enhances the appeal of your workstation, and simultaneously ensures that employees receives complete privacy. Made with high quality material, the post is a stylish addition to any office furniture. The durable and sturdy design of this post from OfficeSource ensures that the fabric panels installed on the workstation do not come loose and fall off. Even if you place your hands on the fabric panels, the post will stay in place. Additionally, once the posts are installed on the workstation, you can move the furniture around with ease, without causing damage to any of the posts on the workstation. This post comes in two color options, so you can choose the color of the post based on the theme of your other office furniture.