Tables are where we gather to learn, sign off on the big deal, break bread together, and even to have the occasional difficult conversation. For these reasons and more, the right number and size of meeting tables is imperative to your business function.


Reception and waiting areas are where you will make your first impression. Everyone that walks into your location, whether it be a potential employee, vendor, or investor, will see this area first. You want the welcoming area to be stylish and comfortable. Tables are necessary to stage décor and to house brochures, but also for a place for a guest to place their beverage, bag, or portfolio. A primary coffee table with several end tables or conversation areas will make guests feel at home, even if there are other people also waiting. Consider power supplies and USB charging options for these areas.


The main conference room is always the most impressive part of a corporate setting. It is where we feature our best products or awards. It is where we bring guests and clients, and we always want to impress them with a grand table and comfortable conference room seating. Stellar Office Furniture has designed and installed breathtaking conference areas for high profile clients. We offer something for every realistic budget and will work within your parameters to great an impressive space.


Conference tables, nesting tables, folding tables, and multi-purpose tables are perfect solutions for event spaces or employee break areas. If hosting an educational seminar or an important product launch, welcome your guests into your event space with enough tables and comfortable seating for them to spread out. Power and USB charging options are necessary for laptops and other devices.


Small meeting tables are best for one-on-one discussions. It makes guests and employees feel safe and welcomed. A large conference room with only a few people can be overwhelming for both the guest and the person leading the meeting. Make sure that your location has one or two private enclaves that are kept clean, calmly decorated, and have a meeting table with up to four comfortable chairs.


With over 30 years of experience, Stellar Office Furniture is a reliable and established source for office furniture and seating. We are proud to offer high quality and comfortable table options in a variety of price points. There is something for every budget. With our extensive experience in commercial office furniture and the home office, we want to work with you to find the best tables for your needs.